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  DCMKS Games (Based in Savannah, GA)


Release Date:




  Steam PC

  Oculus Store: Oculus Rift/ Rift S/ Quest/ HTC Vive





  USD $9.99


  Cost Analysis Doc: 


Dante Cameron: Project Lead

Conner Witte: Tech Lead

Maura Hayes: Sound Design Lead

Shira Sterling: 2D/3D Artist

Katie Howarth: 2D/3D Artist


Gift KerdlapeeProgrammer

Tridentia is a two player, local multiplayer game, where one player uses a VR headset, playing as a God seeking out and destroying their opponent, while the other player controls the Hero and tries to escape the vengeful God. The players go head-to-head in a tense battle, each with their own unique abilities and objectives...



In the spring of 2021, a small group of students with a love for VR, teamed up to create a unique and fun asymmetrical VR game for class. Starting with just designs on paper, they successfully brought their ideas into fruition. With functioning gameplay, a fun environment, unique abilities and features by the end of the class, the team continues on to make a more fun and polished game.



- Play the tutorial level to learn and get to know the controls, abilities, and features used in the game.

- Grab a family member or friend to play and immerse yourself into the world of Tridentia.

- Play as a God flying around the map in your VR headset, taking revenge and keeping the Hero player from escaping through the portal with your trident.

- Play as a Hero on your PC, as you try to escape with the Gods trident without getting caught.

- Deploy unique and fun to use traps as the God.

- Explore and master different abilities while completing tasks and dodging oncoming traps from the God.




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